West Warwick High School Girls Volleyball Team

Congratulations to this week’s Showcase Cinemas High School Team of the Week: West Warwick High School Girls Volleyball Team

This week’s spotlight was sent in by: Jordan Rajotte

Last week, my team did an amazing job taking control to make a dedication game very special for a little boy. One of my player’s family is going through something unimaginable right now, their youngest son at 1 year old was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. At 2 years old this boy has been through more than most of us, with the help of his older sister (my player) and the rest of the team, they were able to get almost $400 in donations towards his medical expenses in one night. We may have lost the game, but everyone had smiles on their faces, including Anthony. As a coach, there’s nothing I can be more proud of!

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