Amy Pontes

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Amy Pontes

Hi!  I’m Amy!  I live in Barrington, RI with my two daughters and our little orange tabby, Symba!  I have been on the air in Southern New England for 18 years.  You may have heard me here and there on other radio stations in the past playing music, reporting traffic, and on commercials!  However, Lite 105 has been my home for almost a decade now and I have loved every minute of it here! 

Why do you love SNE?

I love Southern New England because it’s unique.  We have our own accents, beaches, cities, food, all four seasons, the events and celebrations.  We celebrate everything with passion!   


Fav place to eat?

You can find me on most Friday nights with my family at Crossroad Pub in Warren, RI!  However, it is so hard to name just one place because there are SO many restaurants I love around the entire state of Rhode Island!   

Fav thing to do on off time?

I love working out, eating, laughing with my sister and friends, cocktails by the water, going to the beach, bike riding, working on things around the house, and estate sales!  


Fav thing about being in radio?

I love being able to share my days with you!  I love sharing stories, fun facts about life, and local events that are happening around here.  I also LOVE music!  Combining the two together with you every week day is such a joy!    


When you come to Rhode Island you MUST…… 

Visit all of our quirky little corners.  Downtown Providence, Newport, Narragansett, The East Bay, our beaches and parks, and our fantastic small businesses and unique shops that you can’t find anywhere else!  Plus…grab clamcakes and chowder, a Del’s (no straw please), drive by The Big Blue Bug, drink an Awful Awful, try Coffee Milk, lose the letter “R” and drive over a couple of potholes for good measure!    


Extra:  In April of 2020, my husband, Robert, passed away from ALS.  It is a cruel and debilitating disease that robs the body of speech, mobility and breathing. I support the ALS Association of RI and would love for you to check them out!

Amy Pontes