A LITE ROCK 105 Interview with STEVE PERRY



He’s back! It’s true! Steve Perry, aka “The Voice”
and former singer of Journey… is… back!

In fact, Steve Perry did an exclusive, intimate interview this morning on Lite Rock 105! Did you hear it? Listen now!

Listen to “Steve Perry! He’s back and talking with Lite Rock 105’s Heather Gersten Perry.” on Spreaker.

 We’ll file this under #NeverStopBelievin

Steve especially wanted to share the big comeback news with Lite Rock 105’s Heather Gersten (Perry) after learning that she’s a really big fan (see the video below if you don’t believe us!)

With Heather, Steve revealed:
– No real plans to reunite with Journey, although he still loves those “cats,” especially Neal Schon!
-Why he didn’t sing when Journey was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2017 (it was out of respect for Arnel Pineda)
-Why he got burned out in the 90’s and stopped writing and performing
-And the promise he made to his late girlfriend, Kellie Nash, who encouraged him to find music again after she passed away. #TrueLove

So here we are. Journey fans rejoice! After several decades, Steve is back! His new album, called “Traces,” comes out October 5th.


The first song and video is “No Erasin'” and as Steve told Heather, “It’s about two people that discover each other at a class reunion and they haven’t seen other for a while… and they go outside and end up sitting in the back of a car and talking with each other… and then they drive to an old place and end up innocently smooching…so it’s about innocence and remembering” but the song, Steve says, is also a tribute to the fans with lyrics like “I know it’s been a long time comin’ since I’ve seen your face…”

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See Heather's video from 2017

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