How you eat a chocolate Easter bunny says a lot about you!

2809948604_43362ca10e_mChances are you have a chocolate Easter bunny, maybe several, ready to be devoured this weekend. Did you know that the WAY you eat it reveals something about your personality?

Ears First
If you’re go for the ears first (like 75% of Americans do) you’re a practical, organized, and traditional person who values security. You tend to be loyal, and perhaps a bit impatient at times.

Tail First
If you start with the chocolate tail, you’re a creative, independent thinker.

16608743835_3f18dd3720_mBiting or Snapping Off The Bunny’s Head
You’re restless, independent and always on the go. Being a go-getter, you like to get the job done. You also tend to make friends easily.

Smelling It First
If you smell the chocolate bunny before taking a bite, you’re a bit cautious in life. You also tend to have high standards and you’re a very detail oriented person. You’re polite, well-mannered, and a little odd, at times.

Smashing the Bunny
If you smash your chocolate bunny to bits, it means you’re a serial killer. (Just kidding!) Actually, it means you’re filled with lots of ambition and enthusiasm. “Just do it” is your motto. You’re also a bit unpredictable, and keep others around you always guessing.

3415155904_e7444cddfa_mFeet First
If you eat the chocolate bunny paws first, you’re a caring and nurturing type of person, who also needs constant assurance that you are loved back. You fear being taken for granted or taken advantage of.

Breaking Bunny In Half
Breaking the bunny in half indicates someone who is a bit skeptical or pessimistic about things.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, you like being a pessimist, and some find your pessimism a bit humorous.

One thing is for sure, the chocolate bunny in your cupboard right now MUST be eaten. It’s too tasty to just leave there, all alone and lonely. So grab a jelly bean or two, and enjoy that bunny this weekend. #HappyEaster!

Brian Demay


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