Parents Take Note: Rock-A-Baby is a Local Music Group Your Kids Will Love

Written by contributor Patrick Austin

Just a few short weeks ago, my two year old daughter Gwen really only had one favorite song. It was “Happy Birthday.” 

I’m pretty sure it was only her favorite song because it preceded the actual attraction: eating cake.

That changed pretty quickly after a performance by the group Rock-A-Baby at her friend Charlie’s birthday party in East Greenwich this month. Charlie was turning the ripe old age of two himself, and the group was hired by his parents as the afternoon entertainment.

Now my daughters favorite songs are all tracks, 1 through 16, on their album “Introducing Rhythm, Melody & Harmony.” She also now “likes the man with the beard” and “the puppets without the legs” – both funny and fair observations of the group comprised of Rhode Island based musicians Marc Trachtenberg, Benny Tilchin and Kate Jones – along with their puppet counterparts named above .

More than just a group of musicians playing for kids, the group was started by Trachtenberg in 2008 to help enrich children’s lives through music and is an interactive program specifically designed for infants and toddlers.

They have quickly expanded the program to include multiple albums, a children’s book and are currently wrapping up production of their very first animated short video based on their song “Wake-up Shake-up” – animated by Worcester artist Jayson Vincent.

Rock-a-Baby classes take place throughout the summer in Providence, Warwick, Barrington and Sharon, Mass.

I welcomed the group in-studio to talk more about their background, how the group was started and what’s in-store for the future.


Here are some referenced links from the group you may find useful:



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