Smile for SMILES, our latest FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK (8/10/21)

Meet Smiles, a Large mixed breed, 5years-old, 56 pounds

Currently up for adoption at the RISPCA

From Rianna:

This boy stole my heart at the time of transport. That face, and then him falling asleep right beside me – my heart grew like the Grinch’s. His backstory: he was found, starved half to death, full of heartworms, and scarred. Sumter Humane Society in GA took him in, nursed him to health, and sent him to us – I’m so grateful they did. Smiles has proven to be a lot of things, what he’s not, is defeated. This is the LAZIEST, silliest boy who yearns for affection, couches, and your food. Smiles went on a weekend getaway with a volunteer at Handsome Dan’s Rescue and she was able to tell me so so much about him!

Things we learned:

-homeboy is SO LAZY, chose sleep over food
-couch snuggles are his main concern
-he is housebroken!!! Once he knows where the door is, he will let you know he needs to go!
-he likes to play but is shy about it
-he is scared of tile floors
-he wants to taste test your food to make sure it’s safe
-he’s curious, but if he oversteps (like putting paws on the counter), and you ask him “down” he knows not to do it again.

Lastly – he will need patience and a kind soul to understand he needs to adjust and then he will flourish. The best fit is with teens +. Seems fine with other dogs, unknown about cats.



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