The Heather & Steve Olympics

Join Lite 105’s “Heather & Steve” every Tuesday morning for the “Heather and Steve Olympics!”

Each week, Heather and Steve take opposing sides on a particular topic and ask listeners to vote for TEAM HEATHER or TEAM STEVE!

Olympics schedule:
7:25 am: Debate is revealed
7:30 – 9:40 am: Votes are cast by YOU via the Lite Lines

(Call or text 401-272-LITE/5483) or on our Facebook page
9:45 am: The weekly winner is revealed!

Olympics 2021

1/5/2021Do you call your TV-thingy a remote or a clicker?SteveRemote
1/12/2021Do you want to see Tom Brady win another Championship this year?HeatherNo
1/19/2021How do you like your bacon? Chewy or crispy?SteveCripsy
1/26/2021Which do you prefer… coffee or tea?HeatherCoffee
2/2/2021Do you own a snowblower?HeatherYes
2/9/2021Should you always split the bill on a first date?HeatherNo
2/16/2021Do you use the crying-laughing emoji?HeatherYes
2/23/2021Do you follow the aisle arrows at the Supermarket?HeatherNot always
3/2/2021Do you use a weighted blanket?HeatherNo
3/9/2021Do you enjoy breakfast for dinner?SteveYes
3/16/2021Have you Group Zoomed with friends and family in the last 3 months?HeatherNo
3/23/2021Have you had any Easter candy yet?HeatherYes
4/6/2021Do you fall asleep in total silence or w/ some sort of noise?HeatherNoise
4/13/2021Are you the Primary Griller at your home?HeatherNo
4/20/2021Do you like yogurt?SteveYes
4/27/2021Did you have a curfew when you were younger?HeatherYes
5/4/2021Will you actually see your Mom on Mother’s Day?HeatherNo
5/11/2021Will you actively celebrate being fully vaccinated?HeatherNo
5/18/2021Do you hide snacks from others in your home?HeatherYes
5/25/2021Do you regularly voice-text?SteveNo
6/1/2021What’s better? Chcicken Parm or Veal Parm?SteveChicken
6/8/2021Have you been swimming in a pool yet this year?HeatherNo

Past Olympics

  • DateQuestionWinnerAnswer
    1/7/2020Do you keep Christmas CardsSteveYes
    1/14/2020Did you make a New Year’s Resolution?HeatherNo
    1/21/2020Do you blow your nose in public?SteveYes
    1/28/2020Do you like Dr. Pepper?SteveNo
    2/4/2020Do you hurt every day?HeatherYes
    2/11/2020Do you like brooms?SteveYes
    2/18/2020Do you like Pets’ Social Media Accounts?HeatherYes
    2/25/2020Already planned a vacation this year?SteveYes
    3/3/2020Do you wipe down the cart at the store?HeatherYes
    3/10/2020Do you know your credit/debit card # by heart?SteveNo
    3/17/2020Can you do an Irish brogue?HeatherNo
    3/24/2020Will you gain or lose weight during IsolationSteveLose
    3/31/2020Are you watching TIGER KING on Netflix?SteveNo
    4/7/2020Will we ever shake hands again post-COVID?SteveYes
    4/14/2020Do you use a list when you go to the Supermarket?SteveYes
    4/28/2020Have you read any Agatha Christie books?SteveNo
    5/5/2020Do you like Cool Ranch Doritos?HeatherYes
    5/12/2020Do you confront people who are not following COVID rules?HeatherNo
    5/19/2020Which is better with nachos? Salsa or Guac?SteveSalsa
    6/2/2020Do you keep a pillow between your legs when you sleep?SteveNo
    6/9/2020Since Isolation started, have you cut or colored your hair?SteveYes
    6/16/2020Have you been out to eat at a restaurant again?SteveNo
    6/30/3030Will you be watching Hamilton on Disney Plus this weekend?SteveNo
    7/7/2020Have you moved a car in front of your house to stop others from parking there?SteveYes
    7/14/2020Has there ever been a time in your life when you went vegan or vegetarian?HeatherNo
    7/21/2020What’s better – a plain bagel or another kind of bagel?SteveAnother
    8/4/2020Who is more beloved in America? Tom Hanks or Bill Murray?HeatherHanks
    8/11/2020Are you ready yet to go get a professional massage?SteveNo
    8/18/2020Where do you keep your bread? Counter/pantry or fridge/freezer?HeatherCounter/Pantry
    9/1/2020Would you stay at a hotel right now?HeatherYes
    9/8/2020Do you eat breakfast every single day?SteveYes
    9/15/2020Do you have Snapchat?SteveNo
    9/22/2020Will you vote by mail or in-person this year?HeatherIn-Person
    9/29/2020Do you SMUSH your sandwiches?SteveNo
    10/13/2020What’s better? Golf or Mini Golf?HeatherMini Golf
    10/20/2020Is it ok to put a sugar rim on your glass of beer?Matty (in 4 Steve)No
    10/27/2020Are you carving your pumpkin this Halloween season?NOSteve
    11/3/2020Are you a Borat fan?HeatherNo
    11/10/2020Are you already watching Christmas movies?HeatherYes
    11/17/2020Do you know how to play chess?HeatherNo
    11/24/2020Will you eat a home-prepared meal this Thanksgiving?HeatherYes
    12/1/2020Do you love the movie “Caddyshack”?SteveYes
    12/8/2020Do you wear a belt?HeatherNo
    12/15/2020Do you put candy canes on your Christmas tree?SteveNo
    12/22/2020Between now and Christmas, will you make/bake Christmas cookies?SteveNo
  • DateQuestionWinnerAnswer
    1/1/2019New Year’s Day, No ShowXXXXXX
    1/8/2019Christmas Lights up all year?SteveNo
    1/15/2019Sick Day!xxxxxx
    1/22/2019Has the cold started you talking about moving?SteveNo
    1/29/2019Would you shower at work?HeatherNo
    2/5/2019Do you buy Championship Gear?SteveYes
    2/12/2019Doing something for Valentine’s Day?SteveYes
    2/19/2019How do you feel about “Seinfeld”?EmilyHates
    2/26/2019Do you care which gender your masseuse is?HeatherNo
    3/5/2019Do you Skype/FaceTime?SteveNo
    3/12/2019Heat up chicken in the microwave?SteveYes
    3/19/2019Sauce or Butter on Pasta?SteveSauce
    3/26/2019Chocolate vs Peanut ButterSteveChocolate
    4/2/2019Do you like avocados?HeatherYes
    4/9/2019Senior Prom memories: Good or bad?SteveGreat!
    4/16/2019Which part of the Chocolate Bunny do you eat first?SteveHead/ears first
    4/23/2019You’re home alone in the bathroom. Door open?HeatherYes
    4/30/2019Would you submit your DNA for a genealogy test?HeatherYes
    5/7/2019Celtics or BruinsHeatherBruins
    5/14/2019Do you love Rabbits in the yard?SteveYes
    5/21/2019Do you use Reusable Bags?SteveYes
    5/28/2019Hot Dogs – Yes or No?HeatherYes
    6/4/2019Fondue or Fondon’t?SteveNo
    6/11/2019Watching Game 7 of the Bruins?HeatherYes
    6/18/2019Do you shop online at Amazon?HeatherYes
    6/25/2019Vacation, No showXXXXXX
    7/2/2019Do you like mushrooms?HeatherYes
    7/9/2019Man-Bun: yes or no?SteveNo
    7/16/2019Pretzels: Hard or SoftHeatherSoft
    7/23/2019Is the PB&J the greatest sandwich?SteveYes
    7/30/2019Unlucky to turn down birthday cake?HeatherNo
    8/6/2019Vacation, No showXXXXXX
    8/13/2019Karaoke: yes or no?SteveYes
    8/20/2019Do you regularly make tacos at home?HeatherYes
    8/27/2019Julia Roberts or Jennifer Aniston?SteveJulia
    9/3/2019Hammocks: yes or no?SteveYes
    9/10/2019Self-Driving Cars: yes or no?Heatherno
    9/17/2019The Office: yes or no?HeatherNo
    9/24/2019Would you travel to watch your team play?SteveYes
    10/1/2019Are you forgetful?SteveYes
    10/8/2019Do you need to hold that baby?SteveYes
    10/15/2019How do you feel about tuna fish?HeatherLove
    10/22/2019Are you fired up for Star Wars?SteveNo
    10/29/2019Do you ever eat stale food on purpose?SteveNo
    11/5/2019Bedroom door: Open or shut?HeatherOpen
    11/12/2019Do you want to know when we go All Christmas?SteveTell us!
    11/19/2019Will you watch Frozen 2?HeatherYes
    11/26/2019Turkey Leftovers: Yes or no?SteveYes
    12/3/2019Are your Christmas decorations up?SteveYes
    12/10/2019Candy Canes: Bite or LickHeatherLick
    12/24/2019Done Christmas Shopping?HeatherYes
  • DateQuestionWinnerAnswer
    1/2/20182017 – Good year?HeatherNo
    1/9/2018President Oprah?SteveNo, thanks
    1/16/2018How do you feel about Pawternity Leave?SteveHate it
    1/23/2018How do you feel about James Bond?HeatherNot fired up
    1/30/2018Would you bring a stranger from the diner back to your home for repair work?HeatherNo
    2/6/2018Are you fired up for the Winter Olympics?SteveNo
    2/13/2018Better to break up before or after Valentine’s Day?HeatherBefore
    2/20/2018When was TV better?SteveBack in the day
    2/27/2018Who gets up when someone snores?SteveSnores
    3/6/2018Was it okay for Steve to leave Alissa in the hospital?HeatherNo
    3/13/2018Canceled due to the snowstormxxxxxx
    3/20/2018Would you happier without facebook?HeatherNo
    3/27/2018Do you like Uber?SteveYes
    4/3/2018How do you feel about helicopters?SteveLove
    4/10/2018Are you putting your winter gear away?HeatherNo
    4/17/2018Vacation pictures of someone’s feet online?SteveNo
    4/24/2018Would you rather text or call?SteveCall
    5/1/2018Do you sing in the shower?HeatherNo
    5/8/2018Toothpaste or tooth gel?HeatherPaste
    5/15/2018Are you watching the royal wedding?SteveNo
    5/22/2018Do you have exercise equipment in your house?HeatherYes
    5/29/2018Is there Star Wars fatigue? Too much Star Wars?SteveYes
    6/5/2018Do you like to eat clams?HeatherYes
    6/12/2018Do you need a snooze bar?HeatherYes
    6/19/2018Being uninvited to a party: is that good or bad?HeatherBad
    6/26/2018Do you like pickles?HeatherYes
    7/3/2018Cornhole or Kan-Jam?SteveCornhole
    7/10/2018Ice cream or Italian ices?SteveIce Cream
    7/17/2018Do you have piles of mail lying around the house?HeatherNo
    7/24/2018How do you eat your bagel?HeatherRip pieces off
    7/31/2018Do you like replacement rubber wedding bands?HeatherYes
    8/7/2018Do you like to eat in bed?JasonNo
    8/14/2018Do you like pretend holidays?SteveNo
    8/21/2018How do you pronounce “Fudgicle”?HeatherFudge-ickle
    8/28/2018Do you like jogging?SteveNo
    9/4/2018Do you break spaghetti when you cook it?SteveYes
    9/11/2018Do you like vanity plates?HeatherYes
    9/18/2018Which is easier: eating right or exercising?HeatherEating Right
    9/25/2018Do you wipe down public things to avoid germs?SteveNo
    10/2/2018Who’s fired up for the Red Sox?SteveSure am!
    10/9/2018Best meal of the day?EmilyBreakfast
    10/16/2018Candy Apples?HeatherYes
    10/23/2018Potato Chip? Tortilla Chip?HeatherPotato
    10/30/2018Can you be too old to trick or treat?HeatherNo
    11/6/2018Papa Gino’s Closing! How do you feel?SteveSad
    11/13/2018Any Magazines coming to the house?HeatherNo
    11/20/2018Stuffing: StoveTop or homemade?SteveHomemade
    11/27/2018What’s more fun – hosting a party or attending?SteveAttending
    12/4/2018Would you tell your mother to put her phone away?HeatherYes
    12/11/2018Christmas Tree: Real or Fake?SteveFake
    12/18/2018Do you give the boss a Christmas gift?HeatherYes
  • 2017

    Jan 3 What’s better? Going out on New Year’s Eve or staying home? TEAM HEATHER likes being home and TEAM STEVE loves going out.

    Jan 10 Is it ok to go out shopping wearing your pajamas? TEAM HEATHER isn’t bothered by it but TEAM STEVE doesn’t like it!

    Jan 17 Today’s Heather & Steve Olympics >> How do you feel when businesses demand your address? TEAM HEATHER doesn’t mind one bit but TEAM STEVE HATES it! Which team are YOU on?

    Jan 24 Today’s Heather & Steve Olympics: Do you dance in public? TEAM HEATHER will not (99% of the time) but TEAM STEVE loves to dance! Which team are YOU on?

    Jan 31 Do you like watching Super Bowl commercials BEFORE the Super Bowl? TEAM HEATHER likes it, TEAM STEVE does not!

    Feb 7 How do you drink your coffee? Black (TEAM TONY) or sweet like candy (TEAM HEATHER)?

    Feb 21 Powerball, yes or no? Team Steve says Heck yeah! Team Emily says, no thank you.

    Feb 28 TEAM STEVE agrees with Scarlett Johansson (see below) and says monogamy IS hard. TEAM HEATHER doesn’t find monogamy difficult at all.

    Feb 28 TEAM STEVE agrees with Scarlett Johansson (see below) and says monogamy IS hard. TEAM HEATHER doesn’t find monogamy difficult at all.

    Mar 3 Do you own/use credit cards? TEAM HEATHER got rid of hers, TEAM STEVE still likes ’em.

    Mar 17 Do you typically eat dinner at the kitchen/dining room table or do you eat meals in front of the TV? TEAM HEATHER says meals are for the table (no electronic devices or TV) while TEAM STEVE eats dinner on the couch in the living room in front of the TV.

    Mar 28: How do you feel about the word “MOIST”? TEAM HEATHER hates it, but TEAM STEVE likes it! Which TEAM are YOU on?

    Apr 4 April the Giraffe is about to give birth… do YOU care? TEAM HEATHER loves it, TEAM STEVE does not.

    April 11 When you travel to see family, will you stay with in-laws or stay at a hotel? TEAM HEATHER stays with in-laws, TEAM STEVE is all about the hotel.

    April 18 Team Steve- smoking is terrible! Team Emily- smoking is a delight!

    April 25 Eating lobster. TEAM HEATHER loves it. TEAM STEVE not so much.

    May 2 Talking to others while you’re using the bathroom… TEAM HEATHER doesn’t mind it one bit. TEAM STEVE hates it.

    May 9 Do you love sunglasses? TEAM HEATHER loves ’em and wears them a lot! TEAM STEVE does not like ’em one bit.

    May 16 Do you eat in bed? TEAM HEATHER loves to do it. TEAM STEVE does not!

    May 23 Do you crack your knuckles? TEAM HEATHER doesn’t like it but TEAM STEVE loves it.

    May 30 TEAM HEATHER wants to put a community/neighborhood note in neighboring mailboxes to address the ongoing rat problem. TEAM STEVE says that’s a bad idea.

    June 6 Word is by 2020, new cars will be equipped with a device so that insurance companies could track your driving habits. Your insurance rates would be adjusted as a result…TEAM HEATHER likes the idea, TEAM STEVE does not.

    June 13 Do you know your blood type? TEAM HEATHER does, TEAM STEVE does not.

    June 20 For vacation, would you rather FLY or DRIVE? Team Emily prefers to hit the road; Team Steve loves those friendly skies.

    July 11 Jersey Shore. The TV Show. TEAM HEATHER can’t stand it and doesn’t care about the reunion. TEAM STEVE is drinking the Ron Ron Juice. YOU?

    July 18 S’mores. TEAM HEATHER loves them, TEAM STEVE does not. YOU?

    July 25 GAME OF THRONES! Are you watching it? TEAM HEATHER loves it, TEAM PATRICK cannot be bothered!

    Aug 1 We’re talking about the FIRST KISS. TEAM HEATHER says the man should initiate, TEAM STEVE says whoever feels it should go for it!

    Aug 8 You go to a hotel for a weekend. Do you have housekeeping come in and make your bed and clean up? TEAM HEATHER does not, TEAM STEVE does!

    Aug 22 Pets on the bed. TEAM HEATHER loves it, TEAM STEVE is NOT on board.

    Aug 29 Are the FB/Instagram/Twitter pics of kids going back to school cool or annoying? TEAM HEATHER loves ’em and TEAM STEVE does not.

    Sept 5 Team Emily no longer watches the news, Team Steve says you gotta know what’s going on out there today.

    Sept 12 Do you watch scary movies? TEAM HEATHER says NO WAY! TEAM STEVE likes ‘em… he even saw “IT” yesterday!

    Sept 19 When you’re home, do you keep the doors locked or unlocked? TEAM HEATHER is all locked up, TEAM STEVE isn’t.

    Sept 26 Do you make political posts on social media? TEAM HEATHER says NO! TEAM STEVE does it.

    Oct 3 Do you decorate your house for Halloween? TEAM HEATHER is already decorated! TEAM STEVE doesn’t do it!

    Oct 10 Will you/do you use the bathroom on an airplane? TEAM HEATHER will not, TEAM STEVE says “Oh yeah!”

    Oct 17 Motorcycles… Like ’em or not? TEAM HEATHER says yes, TEAM STEVE says no!

    Oct 24 When you go to brunch, do you prefer breakfast food or lunch food? TEAM HEATHER loves the LUNCH part, TEAM STEVE prefers the BREAKFAST part.

    Nov 7 Do you pray? TEAM HEATHER does not, TEAM STEVE does.

    Nov 14 Do you mind if there’s talking/conversation while you watch TV? TEAM HEATHER doesn’t mind it, TEAM STEVE wants it to be silent.

    Nov 21 Should the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” be retired? TEAM HEATHER says No, TEAM STEVE says Yes!

    Dec 5 Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? TEAM HEATHER says nope! TEAM STEVE says YES!

    Dec 12 UNWRAPPING CHRISTMAS GIFTS: Do you tear off the wrapping paper or remove it carefully? TEAM HEATHER is neat about it, TEAM STEVE is not.

    Dec 19 Do you leave oranges in your Christmas stockings? TEAM HEATHER does not, TEAM STEVE does?

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