Listen weekdays at 4:10pm for Vic’s IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION, a fun guessing game to get your brain back on track as you end your day!

Each weekday at 4:10pm, Vic will ask the Impossible Question and take the 15th caller to 401-272-5483… If the caller gives the correct answer, they win that week’s prize… But if they don’t, Vic will give a CLUE to the Impossible Question the next weekday at 3:10pm. If we get a winner, Vic will have a brand new question the next weekday at 4:10pm!

Thanks for listening to LITE 105 & good luck!

IQ #1: The average number of this is 736… What is it? The number of grapes in a bottle of wine!

  • Congrats to Gail from Warren who tickets to see Chicago this summer at the Xfinity Center!

IQ #2: They broke up in 2004 then got back together in 2011, who are they? Barbie & Ken!

  • Congrats to Audrey from North Providence who won tickets to see Chicago!

IQ #3: It’s about 82ft long, what is it? A Slinky!

  • A WINNER ON THE FIRST DAY! Maura from Barrington won tickets to see Ben Rector!

IQ #4: When it comes to money, about 20% of us have done this at least once. What is it? Consult their horoscope to make a financial decision.

  • Congrats to Kim from Riverside, she won tickets to see Josh Groban this summer!

IQ #5: Less than 40% of us do this every night, what is it? Eat dinner as a family.

  • Congrats to Dorothy from Cumberland, she won tickets to see Chicago this July!

IQ #6: The average person has about 9 of these, what are they? Friends (or close friends)

  • Congrats to Lauren from Cumberland! She won a $105 Visa Gift Card from RICU!

IQ #7: Nearly half of Americans have this in their living room, what is it? Assigned seating.

  • Congrats to Tony from Berkley, MA who answered on the first try and won a $105 Visa Gift Card from RICU!

IQ #8: 75% of Americans surveyed don’t trust this, what is it? Surveys!

  • Congrats to Susan from Lincoln who won a $105 Visa Gift Card from RICU!

IQ #9: About 1/4 of the country loves to do this, what is it? Boating.

  • Congrats to Elanor from Fall River, she just won a $105 Visa Gift Card from RICU!

IQ #10: In all of Americans, 40% of us have never done this. What is it? Visit the dentist!

  • Congrats to Andrea from Providence, she won a $105 Visa Gift Card from RICU!

IQ #11: 5 out of 6 people don’t do this on a daily basis, what is it? Keep a diary.

  • Congrats to Danielle from West Warwick, she won a $105 Visa Gift Card from RICU!

IQ #12: 40% of American adults cannot do this correctly, what is it? Fill out a bank deposit slip.

  • Congrats to Kara from Warwick who just won a $105 Visa Gift Card from RICU!

IQ #13: More than a third of adults do this every morning, what is it? Hit the snooze button!

  • Congrats to Sherri from Warwick who just won a $105 gift card from RICU!

IQ #14: A quarter of all adolescent and adult males never do this, what is it? Use deodorant.

  • Congrats to Melissa in Pawtucket, she won $105 Visa Gift Card from RICU!

IQ #15: About a quarter of restaurant meals include this. French Fries.

  • Congrats to John from Cranston, he won $105 from RICU!

IQ #16: Almost half of us use this every day, what is it? Mouthwash.

  • Congrats to Nicole in Johnston, she won tickets to see Barry Manilow at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center on August 13th!

IQ #17: More than half of adults say you should not do this for your kids, what is it? Reward them for good grades!

  • Congrats to Mary in Bristol, she won tickets to see Josh Groban at Leaderbank Pavilion on July 6th!

IQ# 18: Its average top speed is 22mph, what is it? A raindrop!

  • Congrats to Fernando in Westport, he won tickets to see Backstreet Boys at Xfinity Center on July 20th!

IQ #19: These people work on average 57 hours a week, who are they? Executives!

  • Congrats to Cheryl in Wakefield! She won tickets to see New Kids On The Block at TD Garden on July 16th!

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