Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK on Lite 105

Each week, Lite 105’s Heather Gersten & Matty Blake (“Heather & Matty”) will spotLITE an adoptable animal at the Rhode Island SPCA!

The goal is to connect YOU with animals that need loving homes!
Please help by contacting the RISPCA at www.rispca.com

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK (6/27/22) is WASHINGTON the dog! Learn more here>> https://bit.ly/3HZ1m91

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK (6/13/22) is ELLA the dog!

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK (6/6/22) is SMOKEY! Smokey is a quiet lady, whose owner passed away. She lived with another cat, but we have found out that she definitely prefers to be an only cat. She would do best in a quiet home as an only pet. She is pretty independent and really enjoys spending time watching the birds and sleeping in the sunny spots. It is suggested you go to the RISPCA to meet her and fill out an application rather than filling out an online application.

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK (5/31/22) is PORCINI the Chihuahua! He is a shy little man that needs a family that can give him time and patience. When he first arrived at the RISPCA, he was barely socialized with people, but thanks to our foster care team, he has warmed up to home life. Porcini came from a home with many other dogs and lights up when he gets to socialize with other pups! Ideally, we’d like him to go to an adult-only home with a dog sibling who can help give Porcini confidence.

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK (5/23/22) is Thunder, a baby Guinea pig who is currently being housed at the Rumford Pet Center in East Providence.  Adopt Thunder today!

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK is Nitro (5/16/22)! Even though he’s still waiting, this little meatball with the giant blockhead still has a SMILE bigger than life!! He is a tiny low rider of a pit who just turned 2. Nitro is a happy-go-lucky, spunky, silly, full-of-life little fella who also loves riding in cars! He’s been patiently waiting for his people to find him. Your co-pilot is ready when you are!

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK is Davey (5/9/22)! This handsome sweet boy is from a transport down south and was a stray! He sure does love people though and LOVES the outdoors as you can tell by his profile picture! He loves anything squeaky and he is very food motivated! Davey is an American Blue Heeler / Cattle Dog, Australian (Red Heeler)

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK is Stella (5/2/22)!  Stella is a 6-month-old puppy with 3 legs! She had a permanent injury that was very painful, requiring amputation.  She has adapted well and is ready to find her forever home!  She’s happy and playful and has learned to get around just fine.

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIENDS of the WEEK (4/25/22) are Olive and Meedz! They are a bonded pair of sisters looking for a home together!  You can find more info about them and other small animals available for adoption the RISPCA website.  Adoptable Small Animals – RISPCA

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK (4/18/22): Bailey, a 7-year-old female coonhound who is now with the RI Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for a second time. Bailey was adopted in the fall after a months-long stay at a wonderful home (where she even had her own Instagram), but unfortunately, her owner became unexpectedly ill and couldn’t care for her anymore. Learn more here.

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK (4/5/22): Freddi is a 2 yr old, 59 lb., Male, Mixed Breed He’s a big boy who would love a yard to romp in, a human to walk with and a car to ride in. His distinctive look only adds to his charm. His foster mom adds that Freddi is a big cuddle bug who also loves to play. He may jump due to excitement, but he is very gentle and also plays well with his toys on his own. She also reports that he is a great listener and easy to walk. His endearing vocabulary of snorts and snores will keep you smiling. Freddi adores riding shotgun to any destination at any time. He would be most successful in an adult-only home with no other pets as he has some resource guarding. As with any large dog, some post-adoptive training would be ideal.

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK (3/28/22): Meet Coach, a 7-year old, 83 lb., male, Pitbull mix! From the RISPCA: “Coach is a handsome mixed breed looking for his forever sunny spot! He loves spending time outdoors and would make the perfect adventure buddy…whether it’s headed to the beach for a romp on the sand or hiking through some wooded trails. He is quite shy at first but quickly warms up. He loves fetching tennis balls and would be happy as can be to do that for hours. In his previous home, Coach has shown that he would prefer to be the only animal.

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK (3/21/22): DIOR is a 7-month old, 55-pound Male Akita and he’s now up for adoption now at the RISPCA! Dior means “Golden” and he certainly lives up to his name of being highly fashionable and having impeccable taste! He enjoys car rides and has a true passion for squeaky toys but prefers to enjoy them on his own as he has displayed signs of resource guarding. Since he’s a pup, he is looking to fall into a routine within his new home. Dior has typical puppy energy…but we also feel someone with breed experience would be best. They say a tired dog is a happy dog and this definitely applies to this guy. With days filled with mental and physical stimulation, Dior will easily make himself at home with his new people. We do recommend that he be the only pet in the home but can get along with other dogs. Dior is nervous in new situations, so we also feel he would do best in a home without children.

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK (3/15/22)! PRETTY GIRL is a 2 yr. old, 61 lb., female, American Pit Bull Terrier is up for adoption now at the RISPCA! From the RISPCA: “Pretty Girl is exactly what and who she is! Her personality is as stunning as her markings and she is ready to go to a home where she can run around then crash on your couch for hours on end. Pretty Girl has a lot of energy and is a lot of fun. Keep her entertained and she’ll be happy and ready to crash! She is super sweet and will kiss you all day if you let her; on the other hand, she will also steal your sandwich off the table if you let her. She would do best in a home with teens+ due to her unwillingness to recognize that she isn’t a 10lb lap dog. She would do best in a home as an only pet at this time, due to her over-exuberance. Pretty Girl does also have some separation anxiety, which is being managed with medication. She just truly wants to be by your side and makes an excellent shotgun companion in the car or snuggle buddy on the couch.

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK (3/8/22)! Here’s Otis.  He needs some help! He’s a 7-year-old, male, Mixed Breed who one of three dogs that came all the way from Oklahoma back in January when the RISPCA assisted with a large hoarding situation. The Humane Society of Tulsa reached out to several Rhode Island shelters for assistance and they just couldn’t say no! Otis has not been dealt the best hand in luck so far. He’s a shy, reserved guy who really just needs some confidence-boosting. Otis basically needs to be taught “how to dog.” A low-key, adults-only home would definitely be best for him, as loud noises and sudden movements startle him. We’re also recommending that he should be the only pet in the home. Otis really is ready to become somebody’s one and only! Interested in meeting Otis? Let us know! Otis is currently in foster care.

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK (2/28/22): Meet Anteros! A 4yo Male Pitbull. With the face of a gargoyle and the name of a Greek god, Anteros has quickly become a staff favorite! Sometimes we call him Andy for short. The way he looks at you with his puppy eyes and his massive overbite you will never question how loved you are. This shy, reserved boy could thrive in almost any home however a home without young children would be best as he can be a bit of a scaredy-cat. Anteros enjoys going out on adventures but would also be happy to order in, snuggle and watch tv with you all day. Despite being about 40lbs, Anteros often fancies himself a lap dog eager for couch cuddles and butt scratches! This boy does have some skin and eye issues and will need to be on a limited ingredient diet as well as medication for allergies in his new home. If you’re interested in meeting Anteros or have any questions, our animal care staff would be happy to speak with you!

Meet Pixie! She’s Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK (2/14/22)! She’s a 4yo American Staffordshire Terrier/Lab MixPixie is playful but a little shy at first. She loves going on outdoor adventures and is also happy to be at home lounging with her people. Pixie does need to be the only pet in the home and it is advised she also only live with adults, as she can be a resource guarder. Pixie also requires daily medication that will need to continue in her new home. Adopt her today at the RISPCA!

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIENDS of the WEEK (2/7/22) courtesy of the RISPCA! Meet Sonny & Oreo, 1yo Female, Guinea Pigs! These bonded gals are looking for a home together. They are extremely social and would be a fantastic fit for any home type! You can visit them at the Rumford Pet Express in East Providence!

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK for 1/31/22: ***UPDATE: ADOPTED *** Barney is a 5-month-old wild man! At a mere 5 pounds, this neutered kitten enjoys parkour-ing off walls and chasing his favorite ball toys! He has a unique short tail and an overall sweet disposition. And he will cost you practically nothing in toys- his favorite game is running in and out of paper bags! He will do best in a home where he can get lots of playtime, probably with kids 10+ because he can sometimes get over-excited and become bitey. Barney may also be open to a home with a cat-savvy dog to help burn some energy.

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK for 1/24/22 >> Freddi, a 60-pound, 2yo Pit/Rottweiler Mix, is up for adoption at the RISPCA! Please help find him a new family! Background info: Freddi ended up at the RISPCA when his owner was unable to care for him any longer. He went there with some pending medical- which involved them needing to remove his eye. Now that he is all healed up, he is ready for his new home!! Freddi is a big boy, with lots of energy! He needs an active home that will be able to keep up with him and his needs. He would be most successful in an adult-only home with no other pets as he has some resource guarding. He would flourish with post-adoption training to better shape his manners!

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIENDS of the WEEK for 1/17/22 >> Bed Head (white), Sophie (gray), and Cara (yellow & white) are looking for a home together! They love their greens and each other! All 3 are guinea pigs up for adoption at the RISPCA. Do it for #BettyWhiteChallenge day!

Heather & Matty’s FURRY FRIEND of the WEEK for 1/10/22 >> You might recognize JOURNEY from our “12 Strays of Christmas.” She has been at the RISPCA since August and they are treating her skin condition that flares up when she eats the wrong things. Journey is a 1-year-old, Female, Pit/Rottie Mix. She needs someone who is committed to her special diet and meds to treat & prevent her ongoing skin issues. She would do best as the only pet in a home with teens+. She loves to run and play and also loves car rides. Adopt her today, please, and share as well 🙂

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