Meet Timothy and Ian, our FURRY FRIENDS of the WEEK! (2/3/20)

Meet Timothy and Ian, our FURRY FRIENDS of the WEEK! (2/3/20)

Adopt them today at the RISPCA!

Ian, 2&½-year-old Pitbull Mix, Neutered Male

This big guy will capture your heart the minute you meet him with his big smile and easy-going personality. Ian is so friendly that he’ll slip right into most any type of home. Adults or families with dog-savvy older kids would work just fine and he likes other dogs so a canine buddy would be great for him too. He also loves to learn, especially if there’s cheese involved, and has mastered quite a few tricks such as “sit, stay and leave it”. He’s such a good boy! If it’s an affectionate ready-to-please kinda dog that you’re missing in your life, come meet Ian. He’s ready for you!

Timothy, 1&½-year-old Lionhead Neutered Male Rabbit

Say hello to Timothy! One of the coolest features of a Lionhead rabbit is their amazing “bed head” good looks, and Timothy does not disappoint! He’s an incredibly handsome 1 ½-year-old boy who’ll start your day with a smile. Something you may not know about rabbits is that they can be litterbox trained and we’re happy to share that Timothy is a very clean rabbit who is completely trained. He’s also a lover of toys and treats so be sure to have lots of those on hand as well! February is “Adopt-A-Rabbit Month” at the Rhode Island SPCA so it’s the perfect time to adopt and find some-bunny to love!

Contact: Kris Jewell, Rhode Island SPCA Director of Communications & Marketing 401.499.5372

Lite Rock 105’s FURRY FRIENDS of the WEEK is sponsored by Big River Veterinary Service, the best care possible for your pets in Rhode Island! They also do stem cell therapy, state of the art Cat scans and orthopedics… for pets!


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