Museum Spotlight: Whydah Pirate Museum in Cape Cod

Looking for something unique in our area?

This week we take a virtual visit to the Whydah Pirate Museum in Cape Cod (West Yarmouth to be exact), with museum representative Jordan Yorks.

Tell us about the museum

The real pirate life was exciting and dangerous, but also democratic and egalitarian.  The Whydah Pirate Museum reveals the true story behind the Wydah vessel  – a story more compelling than any dreamt up by Hollywood.

The Whydah left Africa in 1716, bearing the weight of human cargo. Reaching Caribbean waters, the ship was seized by Sam Bellamy, commander of a growing fleet of pirate ships. Shipwrecked in a nor’easter in 1717, the Whydah sank deep into Cape Cod waters, only to be discovered by intrepid diver Barry Clifford and his team, who have dove Cape Cod’s icy waters for years recovering artifacts from the Whydah, including cannon and pistols, navigational equipment, West African jewelry, buttons, buckles-and, of course pirate treasure: gold, silver, and pieces of eight.

What is the mission of your museum?

The Whydah Pirate Museum combines artifacts the pirate’s life, early maps of the Atlantic and the Caribbean, and imagery of the 18th-century world. The result is a rich and interesting tapestry that echoes a historically accurate portrait of real pirates in the Caribbean.

What is one interesting item or exhibit all visitors should know about?

Touch 200 year old real treasure discovered from real pirates! Pictured is actual recovered treasure on display at the museum.

Is the museum appropriate for children under 10?

Yes! Children can actually climb aboard a replica pirate ship and learn how the ship sank back in 1717.

Where can more info be found?

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