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H3_SmallThe more Washington State wines I try, the more I realize what a tremendous value they are. This week my wife and I tasted a series of California Cabs thinking we’d find another favorite. None came close to this week’s feature, the H3 Cabernet from Columbia Crest winery, one of the best Cabernet values I have ever seen.

I have tended to think of Washington State wines in this price point as light or medium-bodied fruity wines without much depth, but this was a surprisingly complex wine. Good aromas of blackberry and vanilla, deep dark fruit flavors, and once it warmed up, the fruit took on an almost figgy quality. (Or maybe it was the power of suggestion, with Christmas songs playing on the radio. ‘Now bring us some figgy pudding’….) Nice, long finish that ended slightly bitter, which is common with younger wines, so we aerated it, and the tannins smoothed out nicely.

I would say Washington Cabernets run a bit more tart than ripe vs. Napa as a whole, but the depth of flavor in the H3 is absolutely stunning for the price. It’s also on the wine list at Tavolo Wine Bar & Tuscan Grille, where you can try it by the bottle or the glass.

4 corks

On my five-cork scale based on taste and value, I give the 2013 H3 Cabernet from Columbia Crest 4 corks!

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Brian Demay

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