Brian’s Wine Wednesday: Banfi Centine Toscana

Centine2Back in February I reviewed the Centine Toscana from Banfi. At the time I was just discovering Italian wines, and coming to terms with how a Chianti made with the Sangiovese grape can taste completely different than a Super Tuscan made with mostly Sangiovese, or a Brunello which is also Sangiovese! Since then, I have tried many different Italian wines, so I wanted to go back and try the Centine Toscana again to see if my initial review was accurate. (By the way, the wine in question is pronounced “chen TEEN ay,” and it’s priced right at $10 a bottle.)

I am pleased to say this wine was even better the second time around!

First, it’s VERY smooth. Although mostly Sangiovese, it’s blended with Merlot and Cabernet, so it’s a medium-bodied wine with black cherry and plum flavors, citrusy, with a hint of spice on the finish. There’s a sweet tomato taste too, which was interesting. Unmistakeably Italian, but fruitier than Chianti and without the bite of a lot of younger Italian reds. At this price, you could make it an everyday wine to pair with burgers, pizza or spaghetti, and not break the budget.


On my 5-cork scale based on taste and value, the 2013 Centine Toscana red – Round 2 – gets 3.5 corks.

If you’d like to try interesting wines like this, keep checking this page for details on our next Wine Wednesday tasting party, coming soon!

Brian Demay


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