Brian’s Wine Wednesday: Grifone Primitivo

GrifoneNavigating the Trader Joe’s wine section is a hit or miss proposition. There are some great values, to be sure, but many clunkers, so when I uncover a real bargain, it is like finding a gold coin on the ground. I found a really nice Amarone for less than $16 there, which is now one of my go-to faves. Add to that list the 2013 Grifone Primitivo.

It was recently discovered that Italy’s Primitivo grape is genetically identical to Zinfandel, which has been very popular in California since the 1800s. Tasting this Grifone, there is no doubt about that!

This is basically a smooth, fruity Zin, with a balancing acidity that, frankly, shocked me considering the price. This was a treat to drink, like sweet tarts with a peppery finish, and for only $5 a bottle, an incredible steal.

3.5-corksOn my five-cork scale based on taste and value, I give the 2013 Grifone Primitivo 3.5 corks!

For less than $5, it’s the best wine bargain I have ever seen!

Brian Demay


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