Brian’s Wine Wednesday: Hob Nob Wicked Red

Hob NobOK, I admit it. The label drew me in. I am one of those people. Often a cool label results in me buying a bottle of swill, but in the case of Hob Nob Wicked Red, I think I found another “go to” bottle, and a very appropriate wine for that spooky Halloween party to which you may be going!

Hob Nob is a smooth blend of Grenache (40 percent), Cabernet Sauvignon (35 percent), Shiraz (15 percent) and Pinot Noir (10 percent), sourced from grapes all over Southern France. Round and medium-bodied, there is plenty of dark fruit at first, balanced by a smooth acidity, with a hint of orange zest and pepper in the finish. This is not your average sweet red blend; with a skeleton on the label, how could it?

Hob Nob is a wine you can drink and enjoy regularly without breaking your bank account. I picked up a bottle for $10.99, but I have seen it a dollar or two cheaper on sale. Try it, and see if you like it as much as I did.


On my five cork scale based on taste and value, I give the 2011 Hob Nob Wicked Red 3.5 corks!

To find it locally, check out their very entertaining website.

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Brian Demay

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