Brian’s Wine Wednesday: 2014 Tavel Rose

Rose_Ripley2For years I stayed away from Rosé because I thought anything pink was going to be cheap and sugary sweet. Plus, most of the time I’d rather have a red anyway, even on crazy hot 100 degree days! I’m weird that way. My opinion changed slightly when I kept seeing the words “dry” and “complex” and “delicate” in the tasting notes for Rosé. Finally, at a wine store recently they were sampling Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, and I liked the Rosé way more than the other two.

I told the woman I generally preferred reds and she said, “Trust me, you’ll like this one.”

She was right.

The wine I tasted was the 2014 Tavel Rosé from Château de Trinquevedel (pictured, with my puppy Ripley). I loved it at the tasting, so I bought a bottle. At home, the first sip was blah, but after we tried it with some crispy thin crust pizza, it opened up and revealed delicate strawberry flavors with a dry, crisp finish. This is a nice summer wine, although I wish it were $15 instead of almost $20.

3.5-corksOn my five-cork scale based on taste and value, I give the 2014 Tavel Rosé 3.5 corks!

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Brian Demay

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