Brian’s Wine Wednesday: 2012 BV Rutherford Cabernet

BV RutherfordThis week’s feature is the 2012 BV Rutherford Cabernet. I love the story of BV, or Beaulieu Vineyard. In 1900, when founder Georges de Latour’s wife, Fernande, first laid eyes on the land that would become their original Rutherford vineyard, she named it “beau lieu,” or “beautiful place.” The four-acre ranch was purchased, and founded with the vision of making Napa Valley wines that would rival those of France.

BV has become one of my go-to wineries. They don’t seem to ever put out any bad wines! I appreciate that. The Rutherford Cabernet runs about $25 a bottle, sometimes less. It’s more expensive than usual for me, but worth it, and considerably less than many of their Napa brethren.

It comes from grapes sourced from Napa’s Rutherford Bench, with ripe dark cherry and blackberry flavors and a nice, long, kind of dusty cocoa finish. Definitely pick up a bottle if you see it anywhere under $20!

4 corksOn my five-cork scale based on taste and value, I give the 2012 BV Rutherford Cabernet 4 corks!

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Brian Demay

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