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aveleda-vinho-verdeIt’s summertime and if you’re anything like me, you’re eating a lot more salad and fruit this time of year. If you’re JUST having a salad, or even a fruit salad, what do you drink with it? A heavy red won’t do. You need something crisp and refreshing. Enter: Vinho Verde.

The Aveleda Vinho Verde is the first wine from Portugal I have reviewed. “Vinho Verde” translated means “green wine,” not because it’s green in color, but because it’s meant to be drunk young. Aveleda is a name which spans at least five generations, dating back to 1870, with their first gold medal for wine coming in 1888. The same Guedes family that founded the winery still owns 100% of it, and they’re still doing it right.

This isn’t a sparkling wine, but it’s got a nice spritz to it. Pop it open and you’ll notice lots of apple, pear and lemon on the nose, with crisp flavors of green apples, grapefruit and mild lemon. It’s low in alcohol – around 10% or less – so an ideal summer apertif which will pair nicely with salads, grilled white fish, or any light summer fare.


On my five-cork scale based on taste and value, the 2014 Aveleda Vinho Verde gets 3.5 corks. It’s not going to win any awards for taste or complexity,  but it’s only going to set you back about $7! So pick up a bottle, and sip it out on the dock at the Wharf Tavern, where our next Wine Wednesday tasting party will be held.

If you’d like to join us there, sample three great wines paired with delicious appetizers, and maybe walk away with a great prize, click here to win a spot on the guest list!

Brian Demay

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