Brian’s Wine Wednesday: Castello del Poggio Moscato

Castello-del-Poggio-Moscato-Provincia-di-Pavia-1You have no idea how many requests I have received from listeners and readers to review a Moscato. People have come up to me at events and told me how much they love Moscato. Honestly, I have tried to like Moscato, but every single one has been too sweet, too syrupy, one-note, just not good.

Until now.

After one of our recent Wine Wednesday tasting parties at the Old Grist Mill, sommelier Steve Lydon took me aside and said “have you tried this Moscato?” I told him the story I just told you. He said, “You’ll like the Castello del Poggio.” Skeptical, I tried it; and you know what? He was right. That guy really knows wine.

This is a genuine Italian Moscato that could almost be considered sparkling wine. It definitely has a spritz to it, but there won’t be a cork hitting the ceiling when you open this; it’s actually got a screw cap. Open it and enjoy the fresh aromas of honey and citrus, and flavors of melon, green apple and peach, with a clean, crisp finish. This wine screams summer, and would go great with fruit salad, but I wouldn’t mind pairing it with spicy food for a delicious contrast.

Another interesting thing about this wine is how low the actual alcohol content is: unlike a typical champagne or sparkling wine which runs between 10% and 13% alcohol, this Moscato is only 5%. Serve it chilled to friends who may not be wine drinkers and see what they think. I bet they like it. Plus, at less than $13 a bottle, it’s a great value.

3.5-corksOn my five-cork scale based on taste and value, I give the Castello del Poggio Moscato 3.5 corks. If you’re looking for something light and refreshing for summer, this is your wine.

It’s also on the wine list at the Old Grist Mill Tavern! If you’d like to join us there at our next Wine Wednesday Tasting Party, click here to win a spot on the guest list!

Brian Demay

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