Brian’s Wine Wednesday | 2010 Jordan Vineyards Cabernet

Jordan-Winery-CabernetMy wife and I are in the middle of a diet, so our wine consumption has been somewhat limited lately. We decided since we can’t drink as often as we used to, we’d ramp up the quality of the wines for a more fulfilling experience. Better tasting wine that lasts a few days is a great theory, right? Yes, unless you buy a bottle for more money and it isn’t any good!

Exhibit A: a well rated California Cab which came recommended and appeared to have the flavor profile we like, based on the label. It was obvious after we opened it, however, that it had anything but a desired taste profile. YIKES. This particular Cabernet, which shall remain nameless, literally buzzed with the wrong flavors. It was “POW! Taste THIS!” Then, “BANG, how about THIS??” It was very powerful, but in a very bad way, and left us very disappointed. I mean, how can Cabernet be too sweet, AND too sour? It was horrific. Our palates needed cleansing.

Enter the 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon from Jordan Vineyards. This is a well-regarded red harvested from grapes from Sonoma’s Alexander Valley. Lately I have become enamored with Sonoma reds because they don’t overdo it. The first sip is simple smoothness, but soon subtle flavors of blackberry emerge, with hints of dark chocolate and spice, but never in an overpowering way. This is a medium-bodied cab, not as ripe or robust as a lot of cheaper Napa cabs – and that’s a good thing.

Jordan Vineyards can be found on the wine lists of many fine restaurants nationwide because they are consistently good, vintage after vintage. The 2010 is 76% Cabernet, with a little Merlot and Petit Verdot. You will love how this opens up, so let it breathe and savor the sophisticated flavors and aromas. I reviewed this last year, but it’s even better now. If you see this bottle anywhere, buy one for now, and store one until 2019. You’ll thank me later.

On my five cork scale based on taste and value, I give the 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon from Jordan Vineyard 4 corks!

It’s also on the wine list at the Old Grist Mill Tavern! If you’d like to join us there at our next Wine Wednesday Tasting Party, click here to win a spot on the guest list!

Brian Demay

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